Pic from http://struggleonline.wordpress.com/ - a very interesting blog by a SA community media practitioner! Sure you will love it too:)

Today Silke gave us a presentation on youth, mobile phones and civic engagement through participatory media production, her Masters thesis topic. Silke started off by telling us that she had felt blocked (which inspired the previous post, as I have also been feeling the block lately) before a coffee date with a friend who works for the UN who inspired her after requesting that she teach an online class on mobile media. Silke said she learnt a lot from talking, a vital reminder to all of us for the week: sometimes it’s good to talk more and read less:)  

Silke will blog about her presentation and findings so far in a follow-up post. We had interesting discussions about rights and public voice. It seemed the NGO was more worried about infringing music rights through online videos than about protecting the students’ identities. We spoke about how a channel does not equal a voice – such as the example of the homosexual girl who wanted to do a digital story on corrective rape. Making her identity public online could make her a target within her community, which also led us to talking about silencing and a consideration of which voices are silenced in the township. As researchers, we cannot assume that our participants have the same freedom of voice (or even access to the channels to make their voices public).  We discussed the rules of speaking within a community: what can you say, who draws the line and whose interests are served in the end?

Next meeting: Thursday 17 March (Muya and Thabisa to present, Bonnie presents the week after)