From the "Finds and Features" blog written by Ruth, a twenty-something archaeologist currently reading for a PhD and based in London.

Marian wishes to share this with us:) It is some wisdom posted by Jodie Martin, a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide, on slideshare (click if you want to see the real thing with all the graphics and links to comics).

Here are the basics:

You don’t need to know everything before you start.
Plan ahead for Ethics Committee submission – but don’t be scared.
Small is beautiful.
Get to know your rights and ask for them* (*You have a right to a lockable filing cabinet, but not a giant lockable filing cabinet. Sorry.)
You will get there.
Community, community, community!  (Community includes blog and twitter)

Not yet done with us, Jodie adds a few more slides saying “Some not-so-serious (yet useful) information”

Don’t let your participants choose their own code names.
Don’t let your desk become a fire hazard:  don’t borrow every book or print every article.  (The photograph for this point is called: Hiding in your book fortress won’t save you nerdy.)
We are all a little fragile about our research at first.
And there is more to come…  “Some not-s0-serious (yet useful) websites”  with a warning “Reading this entire archive can be hazardous to your research.  Proceed with caution and use only in moderation.”
And there is still more… “The best thing you can check out to make everyone’s life less coma inducing!”

‘YOU SUCK AT POWERPOINT:   5 shocking design mistakes you need to avoid.  (

I know what I am going to do now.  Read a few comics and look at the “you suck at powerpoint” slideshow.

Thanks for this Jodie.  (To which she replied on Twitter: “@marianpike Thanks! I’m happy to share & hope to put more presentations up, PhD permitting. Good luck with your studies.”