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Digimobsters Marion Walton, Muya Koloko, Anja Venter & Nicola Pallitt will be presenting their work as part of a Games Panel for an SA Media conference, SACOMM taking place 30 Aug – 1 Sep 2011 in Pretoria.

The conference theme? The past is present: Communication and its malcontents “To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward”- Margaret Fairless Barber”. So we’ll be helping local scholars to look forward and recognize games as a local phenomena that deserves more SA interest and scholarship. We’re game, are you?

For more info, see: Game Studies goes South: Games Panel for SA Media conference




Okay, so lately we’ve been focusing on writing. At the moment we’re doing peer editing reviews of one another’s work. For those who would like to see some of our resources, see the links below. They are from a writer’s workshop for South African Multimodality in Education (SAME) attended by Nicola Pallitt and Marion Walton. These resources were compiled by Arlene Archer and Lucia Thesen, academic literacies and writing gurus.

Abstract exercise – how to write a great abstract, helps as a reflective exercise too:)

Peer editing – a checklist of various criteria to consult when peer doing editing.

Silke left to go back to Holland last month. We had a wonderful farewell party at Radebe’s B&B in Langa. We wish Silke all the best for her MA thesis and the future:) She can be sure we’ll come knocking for the couch one day when we come to Holland… hopefully not all at the same time, poor Silke. If you would like to watch videos made by Silke’s Ikamva Youth teens, check out their YouTube Channel.