We had a bit of venue trouble today. We saw lovely tea cups and things all laid out and thought we were very special until we were told that there was a selection committee meeting going on. Sorry for that DigiMobbers:( TB Davie Room will be available to us every Thursday except 5 & 12 May and then I will keep you posted regarding the second half of the year.

Today Muya presented his proposal defence “The meaning of video game violence for SA children”. He is interested in the meanings that children under 16 attach to video game violence, how they define it in relation to real violence and how their definitions differ from that of the Film and Publications Board and their  parents. (More detailed blog post by Muya to follow.)


Sunday Edition: Bunny Foo Foo Adventures http://theunderfold.com/2010/01/31/

Next meeting: This week Bonnie will be sharing her theoretical framework, Thabisa still has something to present for us and if there is time, Nicci will present an overview of her data and plans for possible chapters.