I thought you may find this intersting - DigiMob Australia is a mobile repairs company. See: http://bit.ly/fhcEv9

What an interesting meeting! We had a variety of discussions about what we’re up to at the moment. Muya is nearly done with his proposal and has to present a defence – we will be there, just let us know when and where you want us:) Anja shared her interesting experience at the Bellville library where librarians are all for equality: youngsters can play games for their 45 minutes and are not kicked off the computers because older people want to look for jobs, everyone is entitled to their time and the activities they choose to pursue. This was quite a contrast to the eCentres in the West Coast I visited with Marion and Araba Sey, where people were not allowed to use social networking sites. Silke also did library interviews and discussed how the permissions required to do research in SA is vastly different to Germany where it’s all about having a signed authoritative letter with a department stamp or letterhead. Silke says that the interpersonal is valued a lot more here – personal contact and politeness – rather than having authoritative documents. Travis had an interesting experience with high school art students using Diigo: they subverted the affordances of uploading profile pics by using pics of mucho men as a classroom joke to make it look like their male teacher was interested in men. Nicola (me) shared that she had been helping out as a research assistant on a national youth survey. Marian spoke about blogging and Bonnie is very happy to have a framework for analysing mathematics tutoring interactions via MXit. Thabisa, newest member of the digimobbers, mentioned that she may do her PhD thesis on digital literacies, but is currently interested in Cape Access in Knysna. What a busy mob we’ve been!

Itinerary for this coming week: Thabisa will do a 1-page proposal OR discuss her Masters work; Silke will talk about her latest paper and Muya is going to prepare a mock defence as practice for the real deal.

The week after: Bonnie to discuss her theoretical framework, any other volunteers?